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User Experience and User Interfaces

User experience (UX) design is the process of creating an application or website that provides meaningful and relevant experiences to the user.
This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integration of the product, as well as various aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.


ProjecTeam | Characterisation and UI/UX design

Team and Project management solutions for organizations utilizing temporary manpower and teams.
The system allows employers and jobseekers to register.
Employers get a great set of tools giving them control and real-time overview
of projects and staff as well as control staff cost and expenses.


Checkbox | CheckMyCamera

CheckMy.Camera CheckBox automatically tests your CCTV system externally.
It verifies the correct operation of your devices and ensures that your CCTV system is really recording.
CheckBox generates and pushes simple to use various periodical reports and alerts

CheckMyCamera | Mobile App

CheckMy.Camera Mobile App tests for recording systems malfunctions,
The app was designed with re-sellers and integrators in mind, so they may brand it as their own.

Muskar | Platform for Homeowners

Online management solution for homeowners and asset management companies.
The Muskar interface breaks the many tasks, reminders and actions to be performed into a timeline.

The software also includes modules such as: apartment inventory, document and contract repository,
income and expenses monitoring amongst many others.

Tiger | Design for mobile app

mobile app design

The Tiger App transforms your cell phone into a powerful, body worn IP camera.
Once installed, the application is ready to film and transmit your live video whenever needed.

The Tiger app provides ONE platform for your needs:
Real time video transmission, local storage and network relay station for connecting external cameras.

Omniboard / Zboard | Interchangeable Keyboard

Design of interfaces, keyboard concepts, and consultant for Israeli startup
that designed a next generation of gaming keyboards with interchangable interfaces.
The keys are interchangable and specific to a game or software a user is using.
Work done included branding, design, packaging, software and interface designs, keyboard concepts and more.

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